A simple blood test may have saved this man's life. On Friday, June 10 th the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s office released the toxicology report for Philip Andrew “Andy” Irons.

“Members of his family, close friends, and an industry sponsor intervened over the years to help Andy get clean,” the report said, “but the effort to find balance in his life was certainly complicated by his chemical makeup.”. https://www.tmz.com/2010/11/02/surfing-legend-andy-irons-dead It is still unclear who, if anyone, diagnosed Irons in Puerto Rico. How about being a good father, how about being a good husband, how about being a good role model for the sake of your family. He was the most intense competitor I’ve ever known and one of the most sensitive people. "It's all about the feeling I get from riding that wave," Irons said in a video for one of the tours called "I Surf Because." The family believes Andy was in some denial about the severity of his chemical imbalance and tended to blame his mood swings on himself and his own weaknesses, choosing to self-medicate with recreational drugs. The toxicology report rules out Dengue entirely.

I highly doubt Andy would have wanted it this way. Perhaps the most telling aspect of the way Irons’ death has been officially handled is the pregnant silence and, in some cases, apparent misdirection that has come from those in a position to clarify incongruous facts and events surrounding his death. The 2005 movie Blue Horizon (directed by surfing filmmaker Jack McCoy) paralleled his life on the WCT tour with that of free surfer David Rastovich. The report includes a lengthy “comments” section explaining how cocaine and methadone can impede the work of the heart – thereby making their presence in Irons’ body “significant.”  It concludes with the following:  “the primary and underlying cause of death is ischemic heart disease due to coronary artery pathology (heart disease). In 2009, Irons withdrew from doing the full ASP World Tour season for personal reasons, though he did participate in a few events. lets not add more heartache to his family by dragging out the cause of his death. "I have a lot of inner demons. A Billabong Executive declined to comment on the record for this story, and the day Irons was discovered dead in a Texas hotel room, Billabong’s Director of Media (who may have been acting independently on behalf of the family – it was unclear at time of reporting) distributed the following press release, titled “3-Time World Champ Andy Irons Dead From Deng (sic) Fever” to journalists involved in the surf world: HONOLULU – (November 2, 2010) — The world of surfing mourns an incredibly sad loss today with the news that Hawaii’s Andy Irons has died. That is why it took 6 months to conduct or should I say concoct such a ridiculous pathology report. all the iranian surfers in iran and los angeles respected and admired your surfing. A 32 year old with a wife and family who rather apparently partied so hard that he had a heart attack and suffered sudden cardiac death. great athlete. See http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/cocaine.html. Methadone causes heart attacks. i understand lyndie wants to cover it up with pretending it was something genetic or natural andy couldn't avoid to protect his image/name brand. Others, like the numerous doctors anecdotally consulted for this piece, side with the Medical examiners in Tarrant County citing the myriad and well-documented ways that prolonged drug use can debilitate the heart. The pain felt by his family must be tremendous.

Three-time surfing world champion Andy Irons died this morning at a hotel in Dallas ... TMZ has learned. I’m lucky to have known him and had the times we had together. The family also asks to not be contacted so their focus can remain on one another during this time of profound loss. It is very sad this happen. [18] Lyndie and Axel continue to live on Kauai, where she and Andy shared a home. In the room, the police discovered prescription bottles for Alprazolam, used to treat anxiety, and Zolpidem, a sleep aid, along with tablets containing methadone, a narcotic used to treat pain and opiate addiction. andy irons rest in peace. We look forward to his memory living on with our memories of him and his child on the way. andy irons rest in peace.

Slater himself was quoted in a Surfer Magazine tribute for Irons: Andy was an absolutely gifted individual. It keeps my life at an even keel; without it, it would just tip into oblivion.". "That first wave is the reason why I think everyone keeps coming back.". Simply put, he died of Len Bias Syndrome. RIP Andy. His wife Lyndie and brother Bruce scattered his ashes outside Hanalei Bay, where thousands of family, friends, and admirers said their last goodbyes.[15]. Toxicology tests showed Irons also had cocaine and methamphetamine in his system. He was returning home to Hawaii when he was found dead in an airport hotel while on a layover in Dallas. [26][27] Irons had previously collaborated with Metallica and Billabong for a clothing collection in 2007. After winning championships from 2002 through 2004, and cementing his reputation as one of the greatest competitive surfers, Irons baffled the surfing world with erratic behavior. I feel blessed that we worked through the differences we had and I was able to learn what I’m made of because of Andy. In addition to Blue Horizon, Irons was also a subject of many other surf films, including his screen appearance inTrilogy, which starred himself, Joel Parkinson, and Taj Burrow. [12] In the days immediately following his death, it was reported that in Dallas, an extremely ill Irons had attempted to board his connecting flight to Honolulu at 11:30 a.m. but was turned away at an American Airlines gate—a claim the company denies. not to be a jerk, but this hardening of the arteries is crap. He was inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach, California, in 2008. And His Fellow Republicans are Even Worse. Nervous system problems, including strokes Congratulations! DeadDeath awaits Andy cause and details of death from the family member. this was common knowledge. Andy was a beloved husband, and a true champion. Media outlets diffused the Dengue fever hypothesis until Brad Melekian published his now-famous article in Outside Magazine stating that Irons was apparently well enough to stop in Miami and party with friends. The revelation gave a small glimpse into something Irons … We talk about boards. From the "Golden Bear" coming out of hibernation, to Tiger Woods' tale of redemption, Taking breaths every few words, a nurse struggled to record a video for his family hours before he died of Covid-19�, Family: Surfing legend Andy Irons' death at 32 caused by hardening of arteries, in a video for one of the tours called "I Surf Because. During his childhood, Andy regularly lost to Bruce in contests, but that changed once he entered the World Championship Tour. Who cares about some dumb-ass surfer drug addict? The secondary cause is “acute mixed drug ingestion.”. He was found lying in bed on his back with the sheets pulled up to his chin, by two hotel staff after he had failed to respond to knock on the door and they went in to investigate. How about mom and father and brothers??? No other factors contributed to his death, Di Maio told the family. It was the family that dragged out releasing the report. Atleast he had a good life. In the months afterward, those close to Irons closed ranks, refusing to discuss the circumstances of his death, fueling rumors. "A plaque of this severity, located in the anterior descending coronary artery, is commonly associated with sudden death," Dr. Vincent Di Maio, a prominent forensic pathologist, explained to the family, according to the press release.

On May 20, she received another 30-day injunction. Andy Irons was a three-time world champion surfer. "The only unusual aspect of the case is Mr. Andy Irons Cause Of Death. If you have a problem like that and you came out and released a statement about it, there wouldn’t have to be people like you calling people like me to get dirt on the situation.”, causing heart attacks in people under forty. The premature death of a famous and monetarily influential person is always a tragedy, but never just a tragedy. Irons have a genetic predisposition to early development of coronary artery disease. He invited me personally to his contest on Tavarua. Using cocaine with alcohol is a common cause of drug-related death. " "I just want to send my condolences to Andy's family," Slater said: Slater also wrote a candid remembrance honoring the life of Andy Irons on the anniversary of his death; it was also the same day that Slater claimed his 11th ASP World Title in San Francisco. She said a holistic health practitioner in Australia, whom he visited when he was looking for vitamin therapy, "offhandedly" said the surfer "had the heart of a 50-year-old.". Andy Irons did die from heart disease -- as his family announced yesterday -- but methadone and cocaine also played a part in the surfing champion's death ... according to the official autopsy report. This is really a tragedy for all involved.

Do you mean compared to yours. He essentially committed suicide, and now his dealer is on welfare. by the CNN story apparently he was up to no good – doing cocaine – and " surfing the ONLY think that keep you leveled?????

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