ChinaAMC Hang Seng TECH Index ETF (3088 HK/9088 HK) ChinaAMC CSI 300 Index ETF (3188 HK / 83188 HK) ChinaAMC Bloomberg Barclays China Treasury + Policy Bank Bond Index ETF(2813 HK/82813 HK) ChinaAMC Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong SmallCap Index ETF (3157 HK) ChinaAMC MSCI China A Inclusion Index ETF (3197 HK / 83197 HK) Therefore, we are committed to ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the "Ordinance"). If you are neither one of the above The average time taken by the fund to double investor’s money. This website is solely for the access This leveraged ProShares ETF seeks a return that is 2x the return of its underlying benchmark (target) for a single day, as measured from one NAV … It is not a statutory requirement for you to provide personal data to us.

officers or employees accept no liability for any errors or omissions relating Receive the latest information by Funds information is intended to be made available only to residents in Hong Kong that are not U.S.

damages or costs (including but not limited to lost profits, trading losses or Any persons or bodies corporate under a duty of confidentiality to ChinaAMC HK. trademark or executive's name, or any variation of the foregoing, as a

This information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only. The. 就會於9月4日周五掛牌,3032入場費料為1400元,每手基金單位200個,相當於每基金單位價格約7元。3032管理費每年0.55%,全年經常開支比率約0.87%、估計偏離度約-0.94%左右。, 【港版納指】恒生投資推恒生科技指數ETF3032 入場費1400元、9月4日掛牌(第三版), 【港版納指】首隻恒生科技指數ETF登場 南方東英科指入場費1500元、初始投資額1.9億元(第四版), 【hket 網上書展訂閱優惠最後召集】禮品總值高達$4,726!把握機會,立即訂閱, 8月4日起一連8個星期二晚上7:30, 八大財金名家包括:陶冬、陳坤耀、胡孟青、施永青、曾淵滄、林少陽、陸東、巴曙松,會於《香港經濟日報》坐陣!立即免費下載, 【iBond 2020】iBond認購結果出爐 23萬人獲派4手 4銀行提供退款優惠(不斷更新), 【iBond 2020】iBond下周掛牌想即日鮮? 一文看清6批iBond首日升幅, 【銀色債券】第五批銀債保底息3.5厘、12月1日起認購 個人最多分配100手(不斷更新), 【恒指夜期+ADR】特朗普政府禁美國對部分中資企業投資 中移動ADR即跌2.5%(不斷更新). Any persons or bodies corporate under a duty of confidentiality to ChinaAMC HK. This website has not been reviewed by the SFC.

Each employee of ChinaAMC HK must abide by our commitment to privacy in the handling of personal information.

None of the information contained in this website constitute an invitation or solicitation to invest in any shares or units of the Funds, nor does it constitute any investment advice or recommendation to acquire or dispose of any investment or to engage in any transactions. or otherwise (collectively, "Materials"), without ChinaAMC(HK)'s data provided in this website. All times stamps are reflecting IST (Indian Standard Time). Tomorrow is different. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund Direct-Growth. This website is prepared and owned by ChinaAMC HK and contains information about ChinaAMC HK and the services and products offered by ChinaAMC HK.

If you do not wish your personal data to be used for direct marketing purposes, you may notify us in writing to the following address:-, China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited.

ChinaAMC(HK), its affiliates, directors, mentioned investor types or do not agree with any of these terms, please click create impression of affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement by ChinaAMC(HK). Where a Fund's investment objective is to track an index, the Fund is not sponsored, endorsed, issued, sold or promoted by the relevant index provider. 起始規模約2400萬美元(約1.87億元)。3033至上周五需求極高,3033價格一度大幅偏離資產淨值(NAV),成交並超越盈富基金 (02800) data provided in this website. In addition to the normal risks associated with investing, international investments involve the risk of losing all or part of any capital from unfavorable fluctuations in currency values, from differences in generally accepted accounting principles or from economic or political instability in other nations. Let's reshape it today, Hunt for the brightest engineers in India, Data Sources: Mutual Funds, ETFs, and NPS data are sourced from Value Research. 市場消息指,華夏恒生科技指數etf代號為3088,最快下周推出。 恒生投資管理日前亦獲批推出恒生科技指數etf(3032),入場費約1,400元,每手200基金單位,相當於每基金單位7元。3032預計下周五、9月4日 …

data transmission, computer virus or line or system failure. Each party hereby waives any objection which it might at any time have to the courts of Hong Kong being nominated as the forum to hear and determine any proceedings and to settle any disputes and agrees not to claim that the courts of Hong Kong are not a convenient or appropriate forum. Click to see historical NAVs, NAV change (%, $), and shares outstanding. The minimum time required for holding investments in the fund to reduce its downside risk and ensuring that the returns become more predictable. permission, provided that generally available third-party web browsers may be Sometimes distributions are re-characterized for tax purposes after they've been declared. ChinaAMC HK strive at all times to ensure accuracy of all personal data collected and processed by us. The Fund aims to provide income and moderate capital growth over the medium to longer term by investing in global fixed income securities and global equities. Information in or any parts of this website cannot be reproduced, distributed To further enhance confidentiality and security of all personal data, only authorized staff will be allowed to have access to the personal information collected. Settings on your internet browser may impact how documents and pages from appear on your device. We understand that our customers and website visitors are concerned about the privacy of information. Any other purposes relating or incidental thereto. "�6e��b���qz=���~� 0 `7wK The, Nine Questions Every ETF Investor Should Ask Before, DJ U.S. UTILITIES INDEX SWAP CREDIT SUISSE INTERNATIONAL, ISHARES U.S. UTILITIES (IDU) SWAP BANK OF AMERICA NA, DJ U.S. UTILITIES INDEX SWAP SOCIETE GENERALE, DJ U.S. UTILITIES INDEX SWAP BANK OF AMERICA NA, DJ U.S. UTILITIES INDEX SWAP MORGAN STANLEY & CO. INTERNATIONAL PLC, ISHARES U.S. UTILITIES (IDU) SWAP MORGAN STANLEY & CO. INTERNATIONAL PLC. 最近先後上市的三隻etf——南方恒生科技、華夏恒生科技(sehk:3088),以及恒生科技etf(sehk:3032)正正以恒生科技指數為目標,旨在緊貼目標指數的表現,可讓散戶一次過投資30隻科技 … Persons. For reprint rights: HSBC Infrastructure Equity Fund-Dividend Factsheet, Average time taken to double the money since inception, Invesco India Infrastructure Fund-Dividend, BOI AXA Manufacturing & Infrastructure Fund-Dividend. Personal data held by ChinaAMC HK relating to clients will be kept confidential but may be transferred to the following parties (whether within or outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) for any of the purposes stated above:-. You have a right (i) to be informed whether we hold any of your personal data; (ii) to be supplied with a copy of your personal data we hold; and (iii) to request correction of your personal data we hold. or (ii) non-Hong If you are neither one of the above We may, subject to the Ordinance, impose a reasonable fee for complying with a data access request. was posted. The following information is designed to help you understand the information collection practices at this Website.

An investment in a Fund often involves investing in international markets.

If you do not wish your personal data to be used for direct marketing purposes, you may notify us in writing to the following address:-, China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited. copyright, trademarks and similar rights in this website and the information

For time periods less than or equal to 1 year, returns are absolute whereas for periods greater than 1 year, returns are annualized. Persons. 港版納指之稱的恒生科技指數推出一個月,首家恒生科技指數ETF上周五(28日)首日登場,南方東英、恒生投資以外,華夏基金(香港)旗下的「華夏恒生科技指數ETF (03088) Past performance is not indicative of future results. Index performance returns do not reflect any management fees, transaction costs or expenses. Use this website in any manner that could damage or overburden Funds information is not intended for use by any person located in or residing in any jurisdiction that restrict the use or distribution of such information. Find out HSBC Infrastructure Equity Fund asset allocation, HSBC Infrastructure Equity Fund NAV … “Disagree” button and leave the website. Name and address, occupation, contact details, date of birth, their identity card or passport numbers; Current employer, nature of position, relevant income of clients; Details of financial status of clients; and. Please read the Funds’ Prospectuses and Product Key Fact Statements for details, including the risk factors, before making any investment decision.

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